Professional staff library

Within the context of my Marie Curie-Sklodowska Action fellowship ‘Invisible Forces: The function of professional staff of universities in the ecosystem of academic knowledge production’ I have developed a small library of publications about professional staff. The majority of the documents are about professional staff in general or focus on their involvement in research related matters.

The library contains 153 documents. Please, note that due to copyright reasons the library does not include actual documents. However, you will find everything that you need to find the document(s) of your interest online. In many cases this includes a link to a journal’s website or online database (a login may be required).

There are two options to browse the library:

  • Download this compressed folder that contains a CSV, an EndNote, a RIS and a Zotero file, and import any of these files into your preferred software.
  • Browse the PDF file below. It contains the title, authors, journal/book for each included document. In many cases abstracts are available as well. Alternatively, you can download the file.

I am convinced that there are relevant publications out there that I have not included yet. Please, send me a message if you would like to have your own publication or any other publication included in the library.

Happy reading!

Professional staff library